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My Bad. So much to say, so little time.

Posted: November 10, 2010

Never liked it when college guys would say “my bad”, but does it ever ring true at times. I just realized it has been ONE MONTH since my last post and that is shameful. Yes, there have been a ton of things happening on the Petit Couture front, family front, personal front, etc. But, that’s no excuse. There are cobwebs on this blog and I even had to re-set my WordPress password because I had forgotten what it was. “My bad” pretty much sums it up. That said, some really great things have been in the works at Petit Couture!

I’m on my way to Willows Lodge (in Woodinville, WA) for a sure-to-be amazing mama weekend called Mama’cation that the most awesome ladies from Hip Travel Mama are hosting. Petit Couture is showing at their Luxe Boutique, but even better will be the 6:10 p.m. manicure and socializing with some of my friends from Seattle who are also attending. I cannot wait! The only bummer will be leaving the family, but I’m sure it’ll be a good thing for us all (it’s only 2 nights!).

Petit Couture has also seen some momentum and has been picked up by some amazing stores across the country and one to debut in Australia later this year! SUPER COOL!!! I admit I’ve been better about posting updates real-time via Facebook, but a quick shout out to Milk and Honey Kids, The Big Toy Book, Bella-Mi and Nene Shoes in particular. I’m super honored these stores chose Petit Couture as part of their selection this season!

I’ll give an update during Mama’cation with pics! Till then….wish me luck packing. As Jascha can attest…I am hands down the WORST packer ever. I always bring too many of the wrong things to wear. Or, one could argue that is a shopping strategy. You decide. :) xo

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