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Posted: July 11, 2012

It’s 12:17 a.m. and I’ve just realized that i haven’t posted in MONTHS. When I originally started Petit Couture blogging about the experience was part of the process. It provided me a platform to share experiences as well as vet frustrations and elevate wins. But, I’ll be honest with you all…it’s been more challenging since those early days. While there are some interesting developments ‘behind the scenes’ for Petit Couture, the business isn’t my only priority at the moment. Several months ago I opted to accept a full-time day job that is more like an all-consuming career AND we relocated our family (once again) to San Francisco proper this time. I’m honestly still reeling from it all. I’m hopeful that my life will soon settle so that I can focus on the basics and relish the more simple things in life. I’m struggling to find the silver-lining at the moment though, so bare with me as I limp toward the path of enlightenment and balance.

So, with this post, I’ll sign off as I should get some sleep and figure out how to fill the orders that I have sitting in our in box. It’s lovely to see orders, but as we just moved, the inventory isn’t as easy to find as it was three weeks ago. So, I’ll get to digging tomorrow.


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