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Progress and Sucrets

March 25, 2009

so, when you’re starting a business every day counts. it counts, too, when you’re working for other people, but the dent in not ‘being there’ isn’t felt nearly as much as it is when you miss a few days of life. for the past week we’ve been dealing with the flu. i may now be [...]

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Color and Paper

March 20, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post. Between my day and night job of holding down life with 3 little people and attending to the never ending details of home selling (yes, trying to sell my home and relocate….great timing during the great depression of 08/09 and potentially 10!!!), volunteering at [...]

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Next Steps

March 15, 2009

Last week Noree and I met with our design and illustration guru, Ian (perfect name for a design guy btw), who is helping us craft our brand vision behind petit couture. Our brand will set us apart and be a major part of the product itself which is why we’re focusing on it as one [...]

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March 10, 2009

Since my last post, much has happened. We have all of our licenses secured and have found a design resource who will no doubt help us visualize the petit couture brand in a meaningful way. we’re anxious to say the least to see progress . we’ve also set up some of our wholesale relationships, but [...]

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Getting Started

March 4, 2009

So, things are going to take a while. I know this. I’m a do-er though and an impatient one. Friends will agree heartily to this. I’m really fortunate that I have met a partner who will support this venture AND have met a business partner with the same creative spirit and energy (type A) that [...]

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IT for a baby line

March 1, 2009

today we delegated all IT related investments to jascha. i now have a blog. progress.

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